The Story Behind

The Product

We value durable products with stories that one can establish a bond for many years, without feeling the need to replace them, which would eventually cause more ecological footprint. Our timeless garments and gear are consciously made to last.

The Team

Working as a small team, we have a constant dream of a sustainable future and we strive to act responsibly and realize this dream. Our admiration for nature and the environment shapes the way we live, as well as our work and products. We work without a physical office, choose to use long-lasting materials, and always keep pursuing new quests to reduce our environmental impact.
Ontrail Team
A Case of Sustainable Movement: “Second Chance”
Products that fail to pass quality tests are either destroyed or turned into waste in textile landfills. As Ontrail, we’ve started a movement called “Second Chance” and given a new chance to those high-quality and usable products that would otherwise end up as waste due to minor faults.
We never forget that every responsible step we take, even though it may seem small, is very important for people and the planet. #keepontrail