A Salute to Ancient Plants: The Nature Collection

A Salute to Ancient Plants: The Nature Collection

We share a deep connection with nature and feel good whenever we’re outdoors. A walk in the woods may give us the inspiration for a new design idea, just like Nature Collection.

Nature Sweatshirts

Inspired by ancient plants, Acorn and Pine Cone, with a velvety & feel good texture, the Nature Sweatshirts are our gentle companion for nature moments.Acorn Sweatshirt

Acorn has been a symbol of luck and prosperity since ancient beliefs, and the Acorn Sweatshirt  was designed to bring luck to your own journeys.

Pine Cone Sweatshirt

The other member of this collection is the Pine Cone Sweatshirt, which was designed with the inspiration of another sacred plant. Pines have been believed to represent eternal life and regeneration since ancient times. 

Nature Collection
What great symbols to carry outdoors, for those nature moments that we feel refreshed and timeless.