Camping in Turkey

Favorite Camping Spots in Türkiye

Few experiences are more satisfying than the excitement evoked by sleeping in nature, sometimes in places where even your phone has no services, falling asleep to that peaceful sound of tree crickets and opening your eyes to a thousand shades of green.

Whether you want to escape to a wild forest or find an idyllic coastal campsite, there are some spectacular camping locations to discover in Türkiye.

Camping in Turkey

1. Ada Camping - Cunda, Balıkesir

First stop is Cunda, especially if you’re looking for a springtime camping place. Set your own tent in the shaded tenting areas, stay at your own van or bungalows in the camping area. Whichever sounds most appealing to you!

Cunda Camping

Located 3 km from the center of Cunda, Ada Camping's beach is opposite of Lesbos Island. Since the camping area has its own beach, you can spend all day here and enjoy the sunset at the beach.

You can easily access all services such as bathroom, kitchen and shower in the facility. Even laundry service is an option with a certain fee.

Cunda Camping

Prices can be found here. Do not forget to make a reservation before going to the campsite.

Addr: Alibey Island, Kırmızıkuyu Avenue, 10405 Ayvalık/Balıkesir
P: +90 266 327 12 11
Ada Camping Website

2. Lake Sülüklü - Mudurnu, Bolu

This camping destination is 3 hours drive away from İstanbul, and has a great natural beauty with its lakeside campsites. It’s located in such a large area that you can find a feeling of isolation even during the most crowded times.

There's almost always no mobile services in the area, and taking your water & van shower with you is highly recommended.

Lake Suluklu Camping
P.s. In order to preserve the magnificent natural beauty of Lake Sülüklü, carrying all your belongings and camping needs in canvas Ontrail bags rather than single-use plastics is always a good idea.

For further information: Lake Sülüklü

3. Altın Camp - Burhaniye, Balıkesir

This next one is Altın Camp, a campground in Burhaniye and it’s open for four seasons. We love campsites with their own beaches. Altın Camp is also one of these campsites and it's a great choice to spend all day.

The camping ground is really large and you can set up your tent or camp with a van in the forest or beach area. If you want to use the beachfront area, keep in mind that there’s a small fee difference compared to the forest.

Altin Camping

Since all campers have their own camping area, it’s important to be careful not to cross yours. The camping area can be a bit busy when it’s very full during the season, but we are sure that you will be quite satisfied if you go at the end of the season, like we did.

The sea is sandy but may be a bit cold, and keep in mind that it’s forbidden to light a campfire in the camping area. However you can use the barbecue area to make delicious meals.

Altin Camping

Daily services such as electricity and water are included in the accommodation fee and the camping area was very clean during our visit.

Addr: Altın Camp, Altınyol, Kurtdereli Avenue, No:13, 10700 Burhaniye/Balıkesir
P: +90 266 416 37 37
Altın Camp Website

4. Kastro Bay - Kıyıköy, Tekirdağ

Another camping area where you can set up your tent by the water and forest is Kastro Bay! You’re invited to Kastro to sleep with the sound of water and frogs, and wake up in the morning with the first light filtering through the trees.

As for when to go, April - May is highly recommended. While nature is waking up from the past winter days’ sleep, you can camp directly by the river as the place won’t be that crowded. And of course, you can take long walks on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Camping in Turkey

There is a small grocery store and toilet. If you need any food or drink that you forgot to take with you, the grocery store will do.

If you plan your trip during the spring months, you may want to add Spring Leaf Hoodie in your suitcase to warm you up in chilly evening moments.

5. Yedigöller National Park - Bolu

For the next camping spot we’re headed to northwestern Türkiye: Yedigöller National Park. It hosts all shades of green and has a fascinating nature. No matter which season you’re there, you’ll witness a wonderful atmosphere, specific to that time of year.

National Park in Turkey

There are 7 different lakes in the area, from which the name Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) originated.

Camping fees are calculated per tent and you can light a campfire only at certain hours and in permitted areas. It is strictly forbidden to light a fire on the ground. You can bring your own fire bowl or use the barrels in the area.

Yedigoller National Park in Turkey

For your water needs, there are fountains in the area. We recommend that you go well prepared for food and drinks, but there is also a restaurant in the area.  You can ask for wifi from the restaurant when the phone has no services.

Addr: Centrum, Yedigöller, 14030 Bağışlar/Centrum/Bolu
Yedigöller National Park

6. Tavşanburnu Forest Campground - Didim, Aydın

Tavşanburnu Forest Campground, located in Tavşanburnu Natural Park in Aydın, is our next camping place recommendation. It is a great place for a camping experience by the sea, and the beach is blue flagged.

Camping in Didim

Facilities such as toilets, showers, electricity, small market/cafeteria are available in the camping area. If you’re planning to combine your camping experience under the trees with the pleasure of the sea, Tavşanburnu is just the place for you.

For further information: Tavşanburnu Natural Park

7. Karagöl Natural Park - İzmir

This next camping place is located in İzmir and ideal for campers who also like hiking. Although it’s a bit crowded in summer and on weekends, it’s also quite enjoyable in the fall and on weekdays.

Izmir Karagol Camping

Just like in Yedigöller, you are only allowed to light a campfire in certain areas. Entrance to the natural park by car and tent fees are charged separately. There are toilets and fountains in the area, but we recommend that you come well prepared in terms of food and beverage.

Izmir Karagol Camping

We’re sure that you’ll love walking on the small paths around the lake, and have a pleasant camping experience by the lake.

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8. Lake Poyrazlar - Sakarya

Another camping site is Lake Poyrazlar Natural Park in Sakarya, which is a great one for both tent and van camping.

Sakarya Camping

The place is also a good spot for birdwatching, as it is hosting more than 150 bird species. You can walk on different walking paths in the park or rent a bicycle. 

Camping in Turkey

Both the tent fee and the vehicle entrance fee is mandatory to camp here. There are also facilities for parking, water and toilet needs.

Further info: Lake Poyrazlar

9. Mona Camping - Seferihisar, İzmir

For those looking for a little more luxury and an unusual camping experience, Mona Camping is a boutique glamping facility located in Seferihisar.

There are 5 caravans, 3 glamping tents and 1 tiny house within the camping grounds. Besides being a boutique glamping facility, the brand expanded its concept with a “Glamping & Wine” collection, which consists of local and boutique wines. 

Camping in Turkey

Mona Glamping & Caravan Suites is waiting to be discovered in Seferihisar, famous for its calm and peaceful pace of life.

Addr: Camikebir, Sığacık Street No: 164, 35460 Seferihisar/İzmir
P:+90 232 214 09 14
Mona Glamping Caravan Suites

10. Karagöl -  Şavşat, Artvin 

Camping in the Black Sea Region is something else… Our last recommendation is a natural wonder located in Şavşat, Artvin. You can witness all shades of green in Karagöl, especially during the springtime. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed in Karagöl, which is very suitable for both tents and caravans. Just a quick reminder for the tent campers; the area gets pretty cold at night.

Camping in Black Sea

You can take a walk by the lake, or take a small boat ride on it. Campers are also asked for an additional fee for entry and accommodation.

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Camping in Turkey

That’s all for our recommendations for camping spots in Türkiye, at least for now. Hopefully these places will inspire you for your next camping trip.