Scenic Road Trips in Türkiye

Scenic Road Trips in Türkiye

You’ve got wanderlust, four wheels and plenty of time for a road trip, but may be looking for something different than the usual European routes. From the sunny coasts of the Mediterranean to the magnificent blue and green Aegean trails, the following road trips can be easily altered to match your travel tastes.

Turkey Road Trip

Here are 5 of the best road trips in Türkiye with breathtaking sceneries.

1. Kaş - Kalkan

This first route is located in the Mediterranean region and a very bendy one but as each bend leads to an amazing view it's definitely worth the adventure.

Kas Kalkan Roadtrip

It’s hard to resist the urge to pull the car and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, however keep in mind that it’s not allowed to stop on the road except for the laybys. 

As you move ahead, another great stop will be the “Kaputaş Beach.” You can have a break there and enjoy the cool water of Kaputaş.

Kaputas Beach

2. Bodrum - Akyaka

Our next recommendation on Türkiye’s best scenic roads is from the Aegean part. The road that leads to Akyaka from the southern shores of the Bodrum peninsula hosts magnificent views.

Bodrum Akyaka Road Trip

If you’re ever on the Bodrum - Akyaka route, we recommend that you choose the trail that follows via Bodrum - Yalı - Çökertme - Ören - Akbük to perfectly complete the scenery route.

One of the most amazing parts of following this route from the south coast is that you’ll be able to take plenty of swimming breaks on the way, if you’re traveling during summer. Mazı, Çökertme, Ören and Akbük are only a few of the wonderful bays on the road.

3. New Foça - Old Foça 

For this next scenic route we’re headed to Foça, İzmir.

Some of the most magnificent views you’ll experience are located by the coastal road from New Foça to Old Foça.

Foca Roadtrip

Just like many roads in the Aegean region, this road is quite winding, but has a deep blue sea on one side and a lush forest on the other. So it's definitely worth taking this road to witness those views.

Foca Roadtrip

There are also many people who ride bicycles on this road, especially during spring - summer. Enjoying the scenery by bike rather than by car, is also something to keep in mind.

4. Fethiye Peninsula

Next up on our list is located in Fethiye, Muğla. 

Fethiye Roadtrip

Follow the coastal road along the Fethiye Peninsula which will make you dream just by looking at those incredible seascapes. You can drive around the peninsula in a full tour which is approximately 10 km. Since the road is quite curved, it’s most enjoyable to move slowly by enjoying the view.

You may also come across many coves and beaches along the way.

5. Bozburun - Selimiye

Our last scenic route recommendation on this list is Bozburun - Selimiye. 

Bozburun Selimiye Roadtrip

You may really like this one, which is located between two of Marmaris’ favorite summer spots. As with all recommendations in the list, you can choose this road to take a road with the most amazing sea view.

Ps. Don't forget to stop by village Söğüt for a short break on the way.

Bozburun Selimiye Sogut

These are the top 5 car routes with the best views in Türkiye. If you prefer routes with views even though they may last longer, you may want to add these recommendations to your road trips list. Have a pleasant journey ahead!