Top Spots for Van-Friendly Camping in Türkiye

Top Spots for Van-Friendly Camping in Türkiye

Traveling with a van, discovering new places to the fullest and also being at home while experiencing all those adventures has a special meaning for us, Ontrail people. If you’re like us and wonder about different van-friendly camping spots in another country, here’s our favorites from Türkiye!

Camping With Van

1. Sundance - Tekirova, Antalya

Located in the southern Türkiye, Sundance Tekirova is one of the best camping spots, in which you can park your van under the trees and camp with the sound of birds, or experience the tents and bungalow houses in the facility.

Sundance Van Camping

Sundance Camp, which has all the facilities you might need in a camping area, is one of our favorites.

It’s approximately 250 meters from the beach and joins the Ancient City of Phaselis after a 20-minute walk on the Lycian Way. If you’ve already come this far, do not go back without taking a walk on the Lycian Way.

Addr: Tekirova Avenue. Süleyman, Rüştü Egel Street., 07995 Kemer/Antalya
P: +90 530 540 85 78
Sundance Website

2. Ada Camping - Cunda, Balıkesir

Now, we’re headed to western Türkiye. Our 2nd camping destination is in Cunda, where you can’t get enough of nature and the amazing Aegean sea. The camping spot is called Ada Camping which is located in one of the most beautiful spots in sweet little Cunda Island, and where the sea is the cleanest in the area.

Located 3 km from the center of Cunda, Ada Camping's beach is opposite of Lesbos Island.

Ada Camping

Since the facility has its own beach, you can spend the whole day there. Kitchen and bathrooms are also available, even laundry service is an option with a certain fee.

Addr: Alibey Island, Kırmızıkuyu Avenue, 10405 Ayvalık/Balıkesir
P: +90 266 327 12 11
Ada Camping Website

3. Altın Camp - Burhaniye, Balıkesir

Another camping spot by the Aegean Sea is Altın Camp, which has a large camping area and its own beach. With your van, you can stay in the woodland by the sea and enjoy nature and the sea at the same time. 

Altin Camp

Daily services such as electricity and water are included in the accommodation fee and the camping area was very clean during our visit.

Addr: Altın Camp, Altınyol, Kurtdereli Avenue, No:13, 10700 Burhaniye/Balıkesir
P: +90 266 416 37 37
Altın Camp Website

4. Andriake Camping - Demre, Antalya

One of the frequently preferred spots for van-friendly camping is Andriake Camping, a beachfront camping area located on the Demre - Kaş road in Antalya.

The camping area is super easy to reach and all services needed such as internet, laundry, bus station and airport service as well as Myra, St. Nicholas, Lycian way route services are available.

Andriake Camping

If you’re looking for a peaceful camping spot within walking distance to the sea, you can give Andriake Camping a chance.

Addr: Gökyazı, Çayağzı Road, 07570 Demre/Antalya
P: +90 0242 871 31 30
Andriake Website

5. Yedigöller National Park - Bolu

For the next camping spot we’re headed to northwestern Türkiye: Yedigöller National Park. It hosts every shade of green and has a fascinating nature. No matter which season you’re there, you’ll witness a wonderful atmosphere specific to that time of year.

Yedigoller National Park

There are 7 different lakes in the area, from which the name Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) originated. You can camp in certain places in the area or spend pleasant hours in its amazing nature. 

Addr: Centrum, Yedigöller, 14030 Bağışlar/Centrum/Bolu

6. Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat - Fethiye, Muğla

Our last suggestion is from Fethiye and it’s another one of Türkiye's best van camping areas. Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat is a facility with stunning views in the Karaağaç district of Fethiye. You can stay in the tents of the facility, in glamping tents or in bungalow houses or in your caravan… However you like!

From safari tours to yoga classes, there are various activities you can join. The campsite, which is located in a very large area, has many facilities such as a library, cafe and swimming pool in the common areas.

Fethiye Camping

📸: @babakamp 

Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat, which has a very pleasant atmosphere, is one of the best glamping hotels worth trying.

Addr: Karaağaç, Akçaovacık Plateau 1300m, Karaağaç Street No:43, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla
P: +90 531 911 97 09
Babakamp Website

Hope these van-friendly spots in Türkiye, which are rooted from our own experiences, will inspire camping lovers and adventurers on their own journeys!